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Congestive Part Failure

Supply chains run into congestion problems.

It’s a mess out there for manufacturing supply chains, and it’s going to take a while to clean it up. Between parts shortages, dock congestion, and blockages of key waterways, companies need to think creatively about how to keep their supply chains moving. That’s where ICAT Detroit can assist.

When the chips are down…

ICAT is there.

Manufacturers in the auto industry are responding to the shortage in microchips by securing warehousing (mobile and fixed) to store parts and components, staggering deliveries, and changing production schedules to try to be “future-proof”. Whatever your supply chain solution, ICAT Detroit can help.

Going into Labor

…but failing to deliver.

Labor shortages are impacting manufacturers around the world, which has a ripple effect on logistics, shipping, freight forwarding, trucking, and warehousing. What’s being done?

The Green Grasp of Home

The U.S. pushes sustainability initiatives that are impacting logistics.

The news each day is filled with stories on electrification, decarbonization, alternative fuels, zero emissions, routing efficiencies … and more.

Sustainability initiatives – and mandates – are reshaping all forms of commerce.

Here are the top five articles on how this is impacting shipping/logistics/freight forwarding.

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