Air Freight Shipping

Ship your freight by air when the need is for speed

When speed is essential, air freight shipping may be your best option for delivery. We’ll manage every aspect of your international air freight shipping or domestic air freight shipping, including getting your cargo to the closest destination airport and delivered to the door. When necessary, we can provide charter service, too.

Our international air shipping personnel in Detroit are experts in cross-border air shipping. We know the requirements for trade agreements, Harmonized Tariff Schedules (HTS), and documentation needed to international air freight shipping that help you avoid customs penalties. Likewise, our domestic air freight shipping experts know the best airports to use for expeditious delivery, and how to make the first and last mile of your shipments as seamless and efficient as possible.

Your air freight shipping services

As one of the most experienced air freight shipping companies in the world, ICAT offers a full range of international air freight shipping and domestic air freight shipping options.

Ensure happy landings for your international air freight shipment

Every company using international air freight shipping needs to be sure in advance that it has the proper documentation for importing and/or exporting.

Customs Clearance

We make sure your international air freight shipment doesn’t get blocked at the airport. A delay at customs for your worldwide air freight shipment costs money, time, and lost production.

Duty Management

We help you figure out before you start the costs and paperwork associated with international air shipping.


It’s critical for international air freight shipping that your cargo labeling conforms to widely used Incoterms, a set of 11 internationally recognized rules which define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers of worldwide air freight.

Domestic Or International: Complete Air Freight Shipping Services

Your air freight shipping options include:

Full-service Charter

We’ll deploy whatever resources you need to ensure safe, secure and timely delivery of your air shipment, whether your moving domestic freight or international freight.

Packaging And Crating

Air shipments must be carefully packaged and crated for long journeys. With more than 27 years of air freight shipping experience, we know how to protect your cargo to ensure a safe journey.


We guarantee that your air freight shipping goods will be picked delivered to the precise location decided by you.


We’ll pick up your air freight shipment and get it to the airport for shipping.


Some air freight shippers save money through airport-to-airport shipping. We will provide you with all the logistics support you need to make you air freight shipping as convenient as possible.

3-day Air Service

Air freight shippers can save time and money without sacrificing reliability with our three-day service.

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