ICAT corporate sustainability

we believe that sustainability is everyone’s job

We know that sustainability is not only smart for our business and yours, but also reduces waste, decreases carbon emissions, and makes the world around us better for the generations to come. That is why we are starting with improvements here at ICAT Detroit, with our customers and carriers, and on the transportation industry as a whole.

Our daily operations align business performance with a commitment to our environment, our people, and our community. 

To make an impact, we must all ride together. We take great pride in doing our part.

We encourage you to join us on this route of sustainability.

community engagement

Being present globally, we have a broad reach and responsibility in the communities. We enrich and support societies through what we do best: logistics and transportation services.

environmental responsibility

We incorporate four R’s in our operations: recycle, reuse, reduce, and responsibility.

  • We reduce fuel, energy, water, and other resources needed to move each ton per mile of freight.
  • We reuse, recycle, and repurpose waste and materials that no longer serve us. 
  • We take responsibility by training and empowering our own employees in minimizing resource use.
  • We consider the environmental effects and good governance in our operations.


Ethical Logistics

When it comes to our logistics services, we help customers leverage efficiency. By recommending load and mode optimization strategies, our customers successfully reduce empty miles and effectively utilize transportation equipment. This contributes to the reduction of unnecessary carbon emissions.

We are certified by SmartWay, an Environmental Protection Agency program, that reduces transportation-related emissions.

The Bottom Line:
We Can Help

No matter how heavy. No matter how bulky. No matter how far.