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We handle all aspects of the dynamic electric vehicles industry, including electric battery shipping, EV component shipping, and EV infrastructure, such as electric vehicle charging stations. Our partners around the world help us navigate the most efficient ways to work your battery shipments through ports—and through battery shipping regulations.

Our global logistics service goes above and beyond to ensure your electric vehicle shipping works as smoothly as possible. That can mean pre-booking space on global cargo vessels in advance to save time for your EV shipping. It could mean finding the ports that are less congested to speed the delivery of your electric vehicle shipment. Or it could mean special packaging material.

In some cases, the EV shipping process requires preliminary document review, a possible physical visit to inspect sites for importing and exporting, and special handling. We take all into consideration for the proper packaging, loading, and unloading so that your EV shipping product is fully protected.

Electric Vehicle Battery Shipping

EV battery shipping requires special handling and packaging material. ICAT Logistics Detroit and its global network of partners gathers all the information you need to understand the rules, regulations, and restrictions related to your EV battery shipment so that you can avoid delays and extra costs.

Be aware that some airlines have restricted shipping of electric vehicle batteries, or charged a premium. Since many rechargeable batteries must be shipped overseas, we’ll help you find the best, safest, and most efficient alternatives for your electric vehicle battery shipments.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Shipping

We can manage all aspects of logistics for charging station distribution to dealerships, office buildings and garages throughout the U.S. We can also handle the original electric vehicle charging station shipments from Asia.

Electric Vehicle Raw Materials Shipping

When moving metals, minerals, and rare earth materials internationally, you can trust the company with deep experience in international industrial shipping. We’ll get your raw materials where they need to go to ensure a smooth production schedule.

Electric Vehicle Component Shipping

The automotive industry’s transition to electric vehicles demands more microchips and new forms of packaging and shipping. As an experienced handler of specialized equipment, ICAT Logistics Detroit offers shippers the peace of mind to know their electric vehicle components will arrive on time, on budget and in the right condition. We’ll help you find the best, safest, and most efficient way to ship your electric vehicle components.

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