International Ocean / Sea Freight Shipping

Don’t Miss The Boat On An Economical Option: International Ocean/sea Freight Shipping

Are you thinking of shipping to or from Asia, Europe, Africa, or South America? Shippers that need to move their freight over a long distance without the pressure of time sometimes find that ocean and sea shipping is an excellent option, especially when moving products and materials globally.

Our international ocean and sea shipping people in Detroit are experts in cross-border international sea freight shipping, including ocean shipping rates, requirements for new trade agreements, working through a Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), and preparing documentation for international ocean and sea shipping that won’t cost you money in customs penalties.

Through our extensive international network, we offer a full range of international ocean freight services for hundreds of ports around the world for those shipping by sea. We’ll find the most direct routes for ocean shipping and optimal transit times; procure space for your ocean shipping as needed; and provide an array of ocean freight management services.

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Your Sea Freight Services

As one of the best ocean freight shipping companies in the world, ICAT offers a full range of ocean shipping options.

Know Before It Goes: Crossing Borders

The last thing a company involved in ocean and sea freight wants to find out at an international border is that they don’t have the proper documentation to move their goods. Make sure ahead of time that your international ocean and sea shipment has the right documentation in advance of your worldwide ocean and sea shipping.

Customs clearance. We make sure your international ocean and sea shipping doesn’t get blocked at the border. A delay at customs for your worldwide ocean and sea shipping costs money, time, and lost production.
Duty management. We help you figure out before you start international ocean and sea shipping all of the costs and paperwork associated with crossing borders.
Global oversize cargo shipping. Rules vary widely for oversized worldwide ocean and sea shipping cargo. We let you know before your shipment goes.
Incoterms. It’s critical for international sea and ocean shipping that your freight conforms to widely used Incoterms, a set of 11 internationally recognized rules which define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers for ocean and sea freight.
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Make Sure Everything Is Ship Shape: Your Container Options

Less-than-container load (LCL). There are many times when ocean freight shipping doesn’t require a full container. That’s when ICAT Logistics Detroit can help find a container spot for your ocean shipping at the best ocean shipping rate.
Full container load (FCL). A full container load is a standard form of ocean freight shipping for cargo that occupies all or most of a container. They key is to book a full container only when necessary for your sea shipping and get a good ocean shipping rate.
Types of containers. ICAT Logistics Detroit will help you find the best container option for your ocean freight shipping. We work with all types, including Standard Containers, High Cube Containers, Flat Rack Containers, and Break Bulk sea shipping. For oversize ocean freight shipping, we’ll also help you through special permits, as needed, vessel schedules, availability, and crane restrictions, and make sure that the designated ports have the capability to handle your oversize shipment.
Non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC). Sometimes, the best option for your ocean freight shipping is a non-vessel operating common carrier. They’re ocean freight shipping companies that handle all the services of a carrier, but don’t own their own sea shipping vessel(s). Rather, they operate by leasing or buying available space in containers and using their own House Bill of Lading to contract with customers for their ocean freight shipping.

From The First Mile To The Last

Packaging and crating. International sea and ocean shipping must be carefully packaged and crated for long journeys. With more than 27 years of experience in worldwide ocean and sea shipping, we know exactly what’s required to ensure a safe journey.
Refrigerated cargo. Let us know if your ocean and sea shipping requires special refrigeration. We’ll find the best option for you at the best possible sea shipping rates.
Door-to-door. We guarantee that your ocean freight shipping goods will be picked up from and delivered to the locations decided by you. It is different from door-to-port or port-to-port shipping by sea because it begins and ends at specific addresses within cities covered by our network.
Port-to-port. Some ocean freight shippers save money through port-to-port shipping. Companies that can deliver their sea shipping goods to one of our designated ports or terminals in one country and pick it up at the designated port of entry at the destination in the other. We will provide you with all the logistics support you need to make your ocean freight shipping as convenient as possible.
Door-to-port. We can pick up your ocean freight shipment at your factory and move it to a port in another country for pick-up. Whatever works best for you works best for us, too.
Port-to-door. If you’re shipping by sea and your goods are at the port and ready to go, we can pick them up and bring them do your door. Talk to us about the option that make the most sense for you and your ocean freight shipping.
Drayage service. Even though you may be shipping by sea, you may require the ability to ship your goods a short distance via ground freight to its destination. We fill the gaps in your ocean freight shipping with our drayage service, which can be a critical component in ocean shipping.
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Bottom Line

We stay on top of constantly changing regulations regarding international ocean and sea shipping from Detroit and everywhere else in the world. Our expertise and experience in worldwide ocean and sea shipping help guide your goods through customs and avoid documentation mistakes that cost time and money.

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