Expediting Shipping Service

Take Advantage Of Our Company’s Reach And Flexibility With Expedited Freight Shipping

ICAT Detroit’s expedited shipping service provides our clients with maximum door to door coverage. Our expedited freight shipping service ranges from cargo vans to a 53-foot semi, wherever its needed. All it takes is one call and we’ll line up all of the expedited freight shipping resources required to get your cargo from point to point, whether that’s expedited shipping in and around Detroit or anywhere else in the world.

Cargo ships
Cargo ships

Solutions For Companies

Our team is a go-to solution for companies in urgent need of expedited shipping service. Time and again, we have handled the immediate expedited freight shipping needs of clients facing deadlines put at risk by no-show carriers, paperwork Snafus, changing production schedules and time-sensitive expedited shipping service opportunities.

Our experience, connections, skills, and attention to customer service will enable you to avoid downtime, reduce inventory costs and conquer tight timelines for your expedited shipping in Detroit and around the world. From packing to tracking, we communicate with you through our expedited shipping service tracking to deploy cost-effective, agile, dependable tactics to meet your deadlines.

Our Expedited Shipping Services Save Time And Money

Make sure you consider all your expedited freight shipping costs when you select an expedited shipping service. Getting your expedited freight shipment delivered on time, on budget and in the right condition saves time and money. You also get peace of mind through our expedited shipping service tracking. We offer:

  • 24-Hour Coverage

We pick up and deliver any time day and night for expedited freight shipping.

  • Expedited Shipping Service Tracking

Follow your expedited shipping service pick up and delivery through our tracking system.

  • Same Day Deliveries

We offer same day deliveries in our expedited shipping service.

  • A Global Network

Our expedited shipping services in Detroit is aligned with numerous strategic partners around the world that we call on to help as needed.

See how ICAT Logistics Detroit has helped our customers with their EXPEDITING SHIPPING SERVICE needs.


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