If you’ve been following ocean cargo trends this past year, you may have the feeling that no one’s at the helm.

Add together reports of ocean vessel overcapacity, the struggle to keep tabs on port productivity, the practice of slow steaming to save on fuel and the ever-changing alliances among the major carriers and we wouldn’t blame you for wondering whether it will be possible in 2016 to safely, efficiently and practically get your cargo from one place to the other.

Not to worry. During the past two decades at ICAT Logistics Detroit, we have developed strong relationships and networks in the ocean cargo industry and that means we are able to commit to the three things that differentiate one logistics firm from the next:

  • Timely Performance – You want to know that the cargo you entrust to us will arrive when and where you want it.
  • Reliability and Safety – That your goods will be in the same shape they were in when they left your facility.
  • Price —That you will be treated fairly by a company that wants you as a long-term partner.

That isn’t to say that there no challenges left to overcome in our industry.

Take port congestion, for example, especially along the U.S. West Coast. Last year the industry went through port labor negotiations and the resulting slowdowns and congestion were significant, but ICAT Logistics shipping partners were often able to send their cargo through alternate ports and make other adjustments within their supply chains to ensure that our customers’ goods arrived when we said they would.

Partners also worked with us to make allowances for slow steaming, which could have added an unwelcome kink in the supply chain. When fuel prices were high, shippers did what they could to keep prices down. Now we’re watching the price of crude oil tumble and are expecting that the frequency of slow steaming will tumble, too.

Alliances across the industry have often changed over the years, but at ICAT Logistics Detroit, we value every relationship we have developed in our effort to provide our customers with consistent, seamless logistics and freight delivery.

Yes, our industry is forever in flux. But ICAT Logistics is at the bridge, aware that we have your cargo and our reputation at stake with every delivery we make.

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