As international freight traffic expands into parts of the world where national security agencies do not yet provide the protection necessary for valuable cargo, shippers need to be aware of ways to secure their goods moving across international borders.

At ICAT Logistics, we know how to protect you against breaches of security from hijackers and other crooks.  For example, route planning, careful selection of trusted offshore service providers and a strong network of shipping partners who follow each shipment each offer a critical level of protection.

Both covert and overt technological advances for tracking freight have added significantly to shipping security, but by simply expediting a shipment and limiting the number of stops along the way, we have mitigated risks that could develop.  Other measures include shipment timing, dedicated crews and trucks, split shipments, auditing and, when necessary, couriers that accompany a shipment from beginning to end.

In addition, you should know that the industry is working side-by-side with international associations that have helped set standards for security in supply chain management and freight shipping

For the shipper, it is always important to properly pack and prepare freight for shipment so there is no possibility that parts of it will disappear.  That is why shrink-wrapping, banding, strapping, clear labeling and other packing precautions are important.

But most important is a close and trusting relationship between the shipper and the freight company.   If you are working with ICAT, engage us early, and maintain an open line of communication about your production schedule and expectations, we will together ensure the safe and secure delivery of your valued products or parts, no matter where they come from or are going.

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