When manufacturing orders are down and competition for a smaller market puts pressure on margins, a company’s natural response is to squeeze suppliers to reduce their prices.

That’s a reasonable response, but you can do more. In times like these, your logistics and freight shipping partner can be your best friend. For instance, firms such as ICAT Logistics Detroit can help you with:

Controlling Inventory. The more familiarity we have with your production schedule and the expectations of your customers, the more guidance we can offer to hold down your expensive inventory so that you always have enough supply at hand without being overstocked.  Just-in-time inventory delivery, especially if your stock is coming from various international locations, is a task that requires expertise in international customs, documentation, transportation and availability – all issues that we study and apply on a daily basis.

Limiting the Need for Warehousing. While we’ll make every effort to reduce or eliminate the time your freight spends in warehouse on the trip between origin and destination, we can help you achieve a just-in-time supply of parts to reduce warehouse costs and the additional burden of more frequent loading and unloading.

Establishing New Supplier Relationships. If you have vetted and chosen a new overseas supplier, we can help you get the most from the relationship.  ICAT representatives will visit a manufacturing facility to help verify the quality of parts being shipped, ensure that your freight is being packed and crated correctly, check that documentation is accurate and complete and that no contents of the shipment will inhibit free passage through customs or other official reviews.  We’re there when you cannot be.

Direct-to-Plant or Cross-Docking Shipments. Our goal is to make logistics operations more efficient and economical.  We’ll support your efforts to minimize transportation, warehousing, on-and off-loading and risk by helping you determine the best supply route from origin to final destination.

Reducing Freight Costs. A professional shipping partner will help you strategize through product design, shipping, packing and supplier choices, whether offshore, onshore or near.  Whether business is booming or the market is tough, ICAT will work to reduce your risk and expenses, while increasing customer satisfaction.  That’s what we do.

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