Some supply chain managers would like to believe that an internet price check is a quick and practical way to find a freight hauler who will save them time and money.  After all, it seems so easy.

All you have to do is type in what you’re hauling and where it’s going and just like that some stranger will hook you up with a trucking or sea-going company that is willing to accept your check.

No fuss, no bother – at least until your shipment is packed incorrectly, left sitting in a warehouse, sent with improper documentation, delayed when another internet customer took priority, or stuck because a customs officer didn’t understand the bill of lading.

That’s how some supply chain managers learn a lesson the hard way: Shortcuts can lead you to a dead-end. That’s because operators out there lure you in with a low quoted price that ultimately costs a bundle.

With some freight forwarders, anything can happen from the time the cargo is picked up.  The supposed quick and easy solution suddenly becomes difficult and time consuming.

Unfortunately, one of our new clients was recently victimized by a quick fix. They initially called us for a quote and as usual we did our research, asked a lot of questions, discussed the shipment with the experts on our staff and then quoted the job.

The client, however, found a cheaper quote online which sounded better until the company’s shipping requirements were not met.  The internet provider was not only cheap, it was inefficient and inept, as well.

After that experience, ICAT Logistics Detroit earned another new and satisfied client who has seen firsthand why straightforward and honest quoting works best in the supply chain world.

We embrace innovation and technology at ICAT.  We follow every move in our industry that ensures better service and delivery options for our customers.  Our team works to develop faster and timely fulfillment at lower prices, but we have learned that cannot be done without a commitment to maintaining business relationships built on careful listening, planning and constant communication.

When there is a kink in the chain that needs fixing, ICAT is there.  We follow every shipment from its source to its destination and we maintain relationships not only with our clients but with our suppliers, as well.

Shipping can be one of the most challenging aspects of your business because no one shipping vendor or policy fits all. That’s why quality and care are our calling cards.

We’re your custom shipping resource. Solutions to our customers’ most challenging issues are derived from decades of success in global logistics.