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What’s the EV update in Detroit?

General Motors plans an ecosystem of electric vehicles for delivery solutions and commercial customers. The “BrightDrop” venture is expected to roll out its first vehicles by the end of 2021.

And also this…

“Electric” GM Reviews Supply Chains: General Motors is working with suppliers to create new standards for the global “carbon neutral” vehicle manufacturer.

shippers asked and more air options were granted…

Campaigning for Capacity?

Add two more carriers to the list of airlines signing up for Boeing 777 freighters.

Qatar Airways and China Airlines, looking to expand in 2021, cited the 777 for its range of 4,970 nautical miles, a payload of nearly 225,000 pounds, and the flexibility to handle tall cargo pallets.


The demand for the big 3….in packaging.

What’s this all about?  

The cost for ‘King Cardboard’: Stand by to pay more for cardboard. Cardboard prices — fairly flat despite a demand uptick during the coronavirus pandemic — “could turn around in 2021 with producers pushing higher prices,” industry executives told analysts.

The hefty price of steel:

High freight rates = high purchasing costs in an already limited spot supplies of steel and its raw materials.

Steel will cost you a bit more, thanks in part to Covid-19’s effect on logistics, higher oil prices, rising vessel rental costs, and increased global shipping orders.

The build-up of lumber prices:

The cost of lumber is going through the roof, and that is hitting the supply chain on all fronts. High costs of materials for manufacturers and suppliers means high-priced finished goods. What complicates this even further are the heightened freight charges and the cost of limited container capacity.


a real mess out there…

Yes, this is still happening:

A cargo traffic jam on the world’s roads and seas and in air corridors could easily continue into next year, continuing to increase shipping costs. Retailers, manufacturers, and anyone else who pays to get goods across the globe will feel this mess.

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