What to consider when choosing a logistics provider:

Experience In Your Industry

Many logistics providers can move your freight, but they may not have the specialty experience to deal with material-intensive industries. Choosing a logistics provider without industry experience can cost you business, relationships, and a lot of money when shipping aerospace, automotive, tooling, medical, or technology freight.

Availability and Support

24/7 support and real-time updates are essential when relaying updates to clients and vendors. Proactive updates from your logistics provider will allow you to be proactive with planning and to keep your peace of mind.


Selecting a logistics provider with the flexibility to pick up and ship without restrictions will allow your freight to travel the most direct, cost-efficient, and safest route.

Risk Management

Look for a logistics provider that can scout a potential risk before it arises. Minimizing risks with challenges such as documentation mistakes will save you time and money.

Industry Expertise

Industry expertise is key. It’s essential that your logistics provider understands your needs, applies the best practices, adapts to the latest technology, and delivers innovative logistics solutions.

Referrals to Vouch

Logistics providers won’t last long in this demanding business without a long list of satisfied customers. Make sure that your selected logistics provider has customer referrals to vouch for their positive experience.

A Partnership Mentality

Most importantly, look for a logistics provider that keeps your best interest in mind. A logistics provider with a partnership mentality understands that a long-standing relationship is much more beneficial than a sale. A provider with a partnership mentality will always do what’s best for the customer.

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