There have been some dramatic changes predicted for the politics, technology and market demand that will drive the global freight and logistics business in 2017.

We’ve looked at the predictions closely here at ICAT Logistics Detroit and our experience tells us that despite all the talk, it is too early to shake up the way we’re doing business for you this year.  Here’s why:

The big news story in Politics, of course is that the Trump era has begun with conversations about trade agreements in Mexico, China and beyond and a push to bring business back to the U.S.  Whether those conversations will turn to action and whether they will be good for business remains to be seen.  As always, we at ICAT keep your supply and shipping options fluid, no matter what the political terrain may suggest.

If it becomes more practical to change suppliers, find new resources or localize your production and supply interests this year, we already have established the support you will need and can quickly adapt to the new environment.  In our business, and perhaps in yours, the Trump era has further emphasized our need to be adaptable.  Change has always been inevitable in international commerce, no matter who was in the White House.

In Technology, there’s a lot of talk about driverless vehicles and drone deliveries.  Interesting, to be sure, but not as imminent, in our view, as the growing and constant drive for data and predictive analytics, neither of which is new, but nevertheless of growing importance in our competitive business environment where speed, efficiency and predictability are fundamental.

We believe that the use of robotics will continue to grow, that the pace of manufacturing will heighten and as a result, more of our customers will expect that same efficiency in freight delivery, security and customer service, which is where we have placed our bets.

Also tops on our tech list is cybersecurity — the protection of your data and ours.  We take cybersecurity very seriously at ICAT and make every effort to keep current with new security technologies available to our industry.

In the area of Market Demand, we’re expecting 2017 to be a magnification of the trends we have been witnessing for years.  Our clients have grown their international business and expect real time tracking, clear communication, support at customs and with regulations, as well as expertise that saves them time and money, protects their freight and puts them in a good light with their clients.

No matter what the year may bring, the ICAT team is committed to stay ahead of the changes that shape our business while continuing to deliver the value our clients deserve.  And that is a trend you can count on for 2017.

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