Urgent Aircraft Part to Africa



ICAT received a call on a Friday at noon from a customer who needed an urgent AOG part delivered in Africa for a mission-critical flight. The client, who was in a bind, stated, “This is being watched all the way up the chain. The longer the aircraft does not fly, the more pressure we get.” Knowing how important and time-critical this shipment was, the ICAT team jumped into action and started formulating a plan.


Within 30 minutes of the initial phone call, the ICAT team presented a full solution to the client.

They moved through the process by completing crucial milestones:

  • Booked an OBC (on-board courier) and confirmed flight scheduled within two hours
  • Filed U.S. Customs AES filing on behalf of the customer
  • Submitted a copy of the filing for quality control before COB Friday
  • Finalized pre-clearance before the courier’s arrival

Big Picture:

As the urgent shipment was transported, the team at ICAT made sure the customer stayed in the loop by giving up-to-the-minute status updates. The shipment arrived in Djibouti within two days and was on time for the mission-critical flight.

There’s no downtime at ICAT. When a customer requires an immediate solution, we jump into action! Our urgent service offerings and quick-thinking team can solve any challenge.

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