What is Lunar New Year 2021?

The Lunar New Year is celebrated throughout China and Southeast Asia and marks the end of the winter. It’s also widely known as the Chinese New Year, as it marks the beginning of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar.

Lunar New Year is celebrated by more than 20% of the world. It is celebrated throughout China and Southeast Asia with business closures and increased travel as families and friends gather to celebrate.

When is the Lunar New Year 2021?

The traditional Chinese calendar follows a lunar pattern, and the exact date of the Lunar New Year can vary slightly. This year, the Chinese New Year is on Friday, February 12, 2021.

Officially, Lunar New Year celebrations last up to seven days, beginning on Lunar New Year’s Eve and continuing through the sixth day of the first lunar month. Thus, Lunar New year 2021 is expected to occur between February 11 and February 17, with many businesses closed. Celebrations can often run until the Lantern Festival, which is February 26th.

How does Lunar New Year Impact Businesses and Logistics?

The absence of workers due to the holiday affects production companies, shipping companies, and other transporters.

In addition to increased demand for the holiday, there is likely to be a delay in shipping operations. Factories are likely to shut down for the duration of the festivities.

The re-opening of factories is a gradual process and may take as long as one month to get back to capacity. Not only China, but many surrounding Southeast Asian countries are affected by the holiday. In addition to production disruption, international freight and shipping for the entire southeast Asia region will be impacted.

How to Prepare for Lunar New Year 2021

If handle high volumes of production, it is imperative to communicate with your logistics partners to make sure you are fully prepared to handle the impact of the Lunar New Year.

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