ICAT Logistics DTW is frequently called upon by leading industries for customized logistics needs. We specialize in picking up, packaging and delivering goods that other companies find difficult to ship.

Auto Industry

Auto Industry We keep the auto industry rolling with just-in-time logistics. For more than 25 years, ICAT Logistics DTW has worked together with Tier 1 and Tier 2 auto suppliers to reduce freight costs, eliminate service delays and speed up processing time on invoices. We’re sensitive to the total cost of your project – and not just the quote on the delivery of freight. We know the bigger cost can come from the expense of production delays because of missing equipment, tie-ups in customs at the border, and unexpected warehousing – a real waste of time and money. We have decades of experience shipping high-value prototype vehicles and parts that require special handling. Prototypes that are expensive to create often need customized packaging to ensure that they are properly protected during shipping. That's why the world’s auto manufacturers and suppliers call on us to make sure that their valuable prototypes are safely and securely delivered. As vehicles and their components move into production,…


Tooling We’re your just-in-time solution for overseas logistics. We know the challenge that many tool and die companies face every day to supply automotive manufacturers. You need to get your raw material to Asia and bring it back to North America in the form of pre-production parts in a timely, cost-effective way. Your budget – and the success of your project – depends on a smooth movement of goods, including packaging, transport and documentation. That’s where we come in -- by taking the burden and worry of delivery off the table. We recognize that timelines are getting quicker and quicker and suppliers are getting squeezed more than ever. That’s why we have one simple offer to take the weight off your shoulders: Check transportation logistics off your worry list by allowing us to handle the shipping for you. Not only have we worked with tooling companies, we’ve worked in them. We understand the business from both sides. That’s why we know how to handle line dies, transfer dies,…

Medical Devices

Medical Devices For medical devices, ICAT is just what the doctor ordered. We will handle all elements of packaging and shipping to ensure your medical devices arrive safely at their destination. We can also manage warehousing of your products and operate as a shipping and receiving agent for your company to save you money and take care of inventory, tracking and billing. We can also design pallets to fit certain medical devices perfectly.


Electronics Your electronics are handled with care at ICAT. We carefully manage all aspects of shipping high-end electronics, such as computers, servers, EMC testing equipment and networking systems. We make sure your sensitive equipment is packaged protectively and shipped ensure to the right place at the right time -- and in the right condition.

(Please note: We do not ship personal items)

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