In Perfect Harmony: ICAT’s Custom Shipping for the United States Air Force (USAF) Band’s Precious Cargo

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One false note could be disastrous when moving over 100, oddly shaped instruments for the United States Air Force from Washington D.C. to a military base overseas. 

ICAT orchestrated an elaborate overseas journey that protected the tuneful cargo every step of the way. With diligent planning, contact communication, and flawless execution, the musical instruments were delivered without a single tune-up required. 

With an on-site consultation, and a customized solution focused on protection and visibility – the white glove service included securing a carnet to simplify customs and reduce the costs by 25%. 


The safe transport of over 100 musical instruments from Washington D.C. to the Royal Air Force base in Edinburgh, Scotland was no easy feat for the United States Air Force (USAF) Band. The cherished instruments held not only immense sentimental value, but were delicate and oddly shaped, making shipping a high-stake endeavor. 

The risk of damage during transportation was a significant concern, which is why finding the right logistics partner was crucial. The USAF Band needed a carefully orchestrated plan, executed with precision and professionalism. 

ICAT Logistics Detroit rose to the occasion.


We were able to transform a challenging logistics operation into a fully customized door-to-door solution for the USAF. Neil Clavano, our Terminal Manager, took a trip for an onsite consultation at the departure point in D.C., which helped reassure the USAF Band by addressing every concern transparently, outlining a comprehensive plan that covered all the details from start to finish. 

To streamline the procedure even further, we used our expertise to secure a Carnet, a special customs certificate that allowed for a more expedited process. Along with re-engineering the cargo boxes to ensure the stabilization of the instruments, maximizing their protection and ultimately preventing potential damage. 

Throughout the entire journey, ICAT kept the USAF team updated with real-time visibility and communication, providing peace of mind, and allowing them to always monitor every detail. 

Big Picture:

This recent delivery of musical instruments for the United States Air Force Band was executed with the utmost care and expertise. Through diligent planning and proactive communication, ICAT ensured the secure and timely delivery of the instruments without incident. 

By securing a carnet and optimizing the routing, we were able to reduce the overall costs by 25% compared to initiate estimates, creating major savings for the United States Air Force. The Colonel commanding the USAF band commended ICAT’s meticulous planning and flawless project management. He appreciated the white-glove treatment in safeguarding their irreplaceable instruments. 

Trust ICAT Logistics Detroit to plan and coordinate shipment details so that you can focus on your core mission. Leave the shipment details to us and concentrate on what matters most to you. Our tailored solutions encompass compliance, visibility, protection, and cost control, providing you with complete peace of mind.  

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