• Detroit auto show organizers turned to ICAT Logistics DTW when a Japanese tech company chose the Motor City for the world introduction of its innovative flying bike.
  • The assignment called for safe handling, tight security, trade show know-how, testing, a demonstration site and seamless international cooperation and communications.
  • The flawless presentation of the gravity-defying hoverbike – from liftoff to landing – opened an intriguing new chapter in urban, aerial mobility.


Detroit’s annual North American International Auto Show is a mega-event in the city that put the world on wheels.  Pandemic precautions forced suspension of the show for two years, raising the stakes for a reintroduced exhibition in September 2022.

The show is familiar turf to ICAT Logistics DTW. For more than two decades, our team has been the go-to, on-the-scene problem-solver for auto companies and countless exhibitors at Detroit’s downtown convention facilities.

By moving show dates to September from the traditional January schedule, show organizers in 2022 created fresh opportunities for indoor and outdoor events. Rising above the crowd: The zippy XTURISMO hoverbike, capable of 62 mph and flying for 40 minutes.

The ICAT team developed and deployed a deft plan to store the Japan-born hoverbike in a private, secure location and for delivery to the auto show.

The result: Our team’s logistics care and competence assured the reveal of the hoverbike as a show-stopping moment.


Two of our most experienced leaders teamed up with our client and contacts to make the hoverbike mission a success.

  • Job One was to hide the hoverbike from prying eyes in advance of the premiere. Don Holland, vice-president of Global Supply Chain, turned to Chris Cser, director of international operations and a logistics veteran of more than three decades.
  • Chris secured a private hangar at the Coleman A. Young International Airport (Detroit City Airport), less than eight miles from the downtown convention. The hangar space was made available by Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX), another valued client of ICAT Logistics DTW. 
  • “We gave them a home while in town for the show,” said ASX Founder Jon Rimanelli. “We have a nice relationship with ICAT Detroit,” adding that ICAT provides cargo logistics for electric vertical take-off and landing aviation technology pioneered by ASX.
  • Holland, meanwhile, arranged for a 40-foot crane delivered to the airport. The crane was essential to calibrating the hoverbike for testing.
  • ICAT handled arrangements to transport the hoverbike between the airport and the auto show for a media preview and presentation to thousands of show-goers.
  • Throughout the show, Holland and ICAT professionals were in constant contact with team members from the Japanese company. Most were making their first visit to Detroit and America.
  • “Being on site with them was an honor,” said Holland.
  • The outcome: Media Day was an unqualified winner, with the hoverbike taking flight at City Airport to earn worldwide media attention and generating excitement for the show.
  • “Straight out of Star Wars,” said the show’s chairman, Thad Szott, as one of the first Americans to test the hoverbike.

Big Picture:

ICAT’s contacts, experience, communications and follow-through were keys to supporting airborne mobility.

“The successful hoverbike experience reinforces our commitment to serving customers and embracing the changing needs for a changing world,” said ICAT’s Cser. 

“On land, sea or air, our commitment is the same: To do things right and do not fail. Success follows when good people work well with good people.”

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