ICAT Gives Sale of “Walking Dead” Memorabilia a Running Start

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When the time comes to pack, stack, store, and ship post-apocalyptic zombies, who you gonna call? ICAT Logistics Detroit, of course.

That’s how a world-class antiques and collectibles dealer got up and running in advance of auctioning off props, wardrobe, and an array of items from television’s epic “Walking Dead” series.

The request came from a long-time customer of ICAT’s Don Holland, one of our veteran supply chain problem-solvers. The customer needed a smooth, swift, secure plan to forward “Walking Dead” items from locations in Texas and Georgia to famed Goldin Auctions in New Jersey so that they could be sold.

One call to Holland was all it took to put in motion a strategy to move “Walking Dead” collectibles down the road.


Two priorities topped our client’s list: (1) Assure safe delivery of the many unique and delicate artifacts; (2) Keep the entire process hush-hush for Goldin to announce later.

From earlier experience as an executive at a high-end apparel company, the customer was well-aware that Holland could deliver with discretion. With nearly three decades in the logistics industry, Holland gave his assurance, signed a non-disclosure agreement–and got busy.

“They call me with secret projects,” said Holland. “One call to us and we deliver the right solution.”


An initial step for Holland was an on-site visit to Texas for a first-hand review of movie memorabilia assembled during the show’s 11 seasons. 

On the scene, Holland swore a crew to secrecy and directed them to carefully wrap and crate props and costumes for shipment.

The trove of TV history included iconic items familiar to die-hard fans of “The Walking Dead”. Among those: Daryl’s motorcycle, Negan’s barbed-wire bat, Lori’s wedding dress and Carl’s Stetson hat.

After three days of meticulous packing, the goods were shipped to ICAT’s warehouse in suburban Detroit. The shipment arrived at the 30,000-square-foot warehouse less than a week after Holland was initially contacted by the client.

The immaculate warehouse was a key to the project. From the secure warehouse, auction house crews could prepare and authenticate collectibles for the big sale.

Meanwhile, Holland gave white-glove treatment to “Walking Dead” items at an Atlanta movie set. The goods were united with the Texas shipment for the one-of-a-kind auction in New Jersey.

Big Picture:

Goldin’s “Walking Dead” auction proved lively. “The zombies made a killing,” reported Horror News Network. The largest winning bid was $51,600 for “Lucille” the baseball bat, reported the Screen Rant internet entertainment site. The Stetson hat sold for $26,400, according to Comicbook.com.

“There’s no question the project was unique, and an honor to be part of,” said Holland. “No matter the challenge, we bring the best possible solution to the task.”

Holland said a checklist of values was at the core of his logistics plan for the “Walking Dead”: safety, security, service, standards, and sustainability. To that list, he said, ICAT also delivered on the client’s special request: secrecy.

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