Handcarry Shipping Service

Case Studies

When product development stalled for lack of key components, an international auto company called ICAT Logistics Detroit.

The ask: What could be done – pronto – to rush 3-D printed auto parts prototypes from Detroit to a facility in Monterey, Mexico?

Bottom line: The need was immediate and run-of-the-mill shipping methods were too slow, too cumbersome and offered too little tracking and peace of mind.

Our customer needed a fail-safe logistics solution to jump-start work in Mexico and shift the project into high gear. The deadline was hours, not days.


Getting the printed prototypes from Point A to Point B called for a speedy, specialized, secure shipping strategy.

We knew a successful To-Do list would:

  • Assure the proper documentation and customs paperwork;
  • Provide near-constant communications on the status of the shipment;
  • Manage a chain of control that assured the prototypes were in the best possible hands from start to finish.

Our client was not comfortable trusting such vital, time-sensitive material to a certified package delivery company. We were asked: “Is there a better way?”


Our answer: Be calm and carry on.

Without hesitation, our experienced domestic and international shipping professionals set in motion a hand-carry solution. A veteran member of ICAT was tapped to pick up the precious cargo and keep it in his possession on a flight departing ASAP to Monterey. The prototypes would remain with our courier from departure to destination. Delivery would be in person to the company’s designated representative in Mexico.

A hand-carry option for extremely time-sensitive shipments is among the customized solutions offered by ICAT for domestic and international shipments, including those in remote locations.
Among the essential steps to a successful, hand-carry mission:

  • Work with the customer on the package size to keep in an overhead compartment, under the seat or in the airplane hold.
  • Lay out the most efficient route to meet deadlines and safe delivery.
  • Sweat the details on COVID restrictions, documentation and customs paperwork.
  • Implement a transparent, timely communications plan for the customer to easily follow the process. “Constant, clear communications is a must-have ingredient,” said Neil Clavano, our terminal manager.
Successful logistics isn’t always about the heavy lift. Sometimes, success depends the personal touch – the right hands making the right handoff at the right time.

Such is the case with the hand-carry service provided by ICAT Logistics Detroit. Our approach was so effective in the Detroit-to-Mexico episode that the client called upon us several more times for similar needs.

“It’s definitely VIP treatment that requires the cream of the crop, value-added attention,” said Clavano. “That’s what we provide, time and again.”

When there is a need for speed – and sure-fire delivery – you can count on the experience and global reach of ICAT Logistics DTW.

We work hand-to-hand – and point-to-point – to carry the day for customers.

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