Our White Glove Solution to a Full Color Problem

Our White Glove Solution to a Full Color Problem

The problem was alarming, and expensive: Sensitive color printing systems shipped from the Far East were damaged before reaching a final destination in the United States.

The customer need was clear: Find a solution. Quickly. And guarantee future results.

The team at ICAT Logistics DTW responded with swift precision, tracing the process, isolating the cause of the damage and implementing a customized solution.

Our troubleshooting determined that the equipment – secured in boxes six-feet-high – had safely crossed the ocean. We revealed the problem was introduced in the U.S. when the boxes were unpacked – then repacked – to install sophisticated “brain” technology to operate the equipment.

Clearly, the equipment as originally shipped was suitable for packing and stacking. But once the operating systems were inserted, a revised process was necessary to prevent the equipment from being shaken and stirred.

Our prescription: Re-engineer the process by implementing a White Glove service that assured a higher level of oversight and safety to shepherd equipment through the final delivery steps.

Our concierge-like care included a strategic list of safeguards. Among those:

  • A self-contained shipping network that restricted handling to ICAT crews and van lines, combined with start-to-finish visibility of every shipment;
  • Specially tailored freight strapping and packaging;
  • Additional crews and lift-gate access to assure smooth delivery through loading docks and final placement.

Our customer was ecstatic with the results. Damage reports nearly evaporated, with claims dropping to .0043 per thousand – nearly zero. The bottom-line result was less money lost to damage and an ongoing dialogue about how our methods could replace the work of problem-prone shippers.

“We have a proficiency in flexible problem-solving that distinguishes our performance,” says Chris Cser, one of our key leaders at ICAT Logistics DTW.

“Our success – and the success of our customers – is rooted in our ability to manage service, quality and price. Our experience calibrating those values makes all the difference.”

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