Sweating the Details Essential for Avoiding Dumping Penalties


  • A Tier 1 auto supplier was alarmed when its imported steel was flagged for potential violations of anti-dumping regulations.
  • The supplier found that its purchasing agent, in a risky mix of zeal and haste, had ordered from steelmakers in China and India that were listed on a U.S. anti-dumping list.
  • With delays and dollars at stake, the auto supplier needed fast action to determine whether the freight forwarders it hired to ship the steel had arranged proper reviews and clearances.
  • Penalties to the auto supplier from US Customs could have been $7M, in addition to attorney costs.


Each forwarder, including ICAT Logistics Detroit, was on the spot to demonstrate it had correctly handled the paperwork and pre-clearance checking to satisfy U.S. Customs investigators.


Fortunately, long before steel was shipped – and long before delivery to the U.S. plants and warehouses of the Tier 1 supplier – ICAT Logistics Detroit had done its due diligence and avoided costly penalties for the customer. In keeping with time-tested protocols that are part of the ICAT culture, our team of experienced professionals had administered a multi-point checklist.

  • We reviewed all paperwork from the carrier and supplier, including the commercial invoice, packing list, Master Air Waybill and the House Air Waybill.
  • For any potential snags, worked with the customer to draft a Letter of Instruction for how to proceed to gain clearance.
  • Throughout, we monitored each step and keep the customer informed, mindful of any potential delays or Customs concerns.
  • From beginning to successful delivery, double-checked the assortment of documents to satisfy Customs and trade agreements.

Big Picture:

ICAT’s attention to verification and communication paid off for our customer. Customs officials cleared all shipments handled by ICAT, while issuing expensive penalties for out-of-compliance shipments managed by several other forwarding companies.
“When Customs took a look at what we had handled, it was ‘Case Closed,’” said Scott G. Gunaca, our vice-president of sales.
The successful outcome highlighted the benefit of our full-service vigilance we apply to every shipment.
“Yes, we are the transportation consultant to move goods from Point A to Point B,” said Neil Clavano, terminal manager for ICAT Logistics Detroit. “Our SOP – Standard Operating Procedure – is to anticipate and avoid problems that could pop up later.”
At ICAT Logistics Detroit, we sweat the details because we keep our customers’ success top-of-mind.

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