Delivering One Million Masks in One Day


  • One million masks delivered in one day
  • Expedited same-day shipping by truck load or air freight
  • “ICAT Logistics DTW stepped in to make this a non-issue..”


The pandemic has sparked a desperate need to distribute one million much-needed masks to elderly citizens, families in need, local hospitals, churches, and schools.


This major automotive company was able to connect with ICAT Logistics Detroit to tackle the biggest obstacle: logistics.

Drawing upon their own experience with PPE, the ICAT team immediately agreed to offer their services and carefully began reviewing each step in the process to make sure that the job was done as quickly and as accurately possible.

In doing so, one million masks were delivered in one day.EF

“The largest challenge of this task was evident: logistics. Distributing 500 cases of masks throughout the metro Detroit area is no easy task. Luckily, ICAT Logistics stepped in to make this a non-issue. ICAT Logistics, a diverse Michigan-based worldwide logistics company specializing in complex shipments, quickly stepped in to donate their services by delivering the bulk of the masks. In a testament to ICAT’s commitment to great service, ICAT Global Supply Chain Specialist, Don Holland personally escorted each shipment to their final location.”

Big Picture:

We stand ready to pick up urgently needed medical supplies wherever they are in the world and deliver them where they need to go. We offer expedited same-day shipping by the truckload or air freight, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We know delivering essential supplies is more critical than ever to our health and our economy. Our global team stays on top of ever-changing import and export regulations that impact shipping, enabling you to transport your goods where you need them to go, and providing any special packaging and documentation you may require. We’re taking all appropriate measures to guard the safety of our employees and our customers and reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Are you looking for a logistics provider who is equipped to handle any challenge? Our experts are ready to help find the best solution for your PPE freight.

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