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Case Studies


A longtime customer who valued our automotive trade show expertise called with a unique request: Develop a shipping strategy for coast-to-coast trade shows promoting NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens.
Still in their infancy, NFTs are blockchain-based digital assets often tied to images, videos, games, art, and creative content. NFTs are popular with collectors, athletes, celebrities, and avant-garde investors, from Steph Curry to Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton.
Our customer needed a strategy to package, deliver and unload a foam, life-size gorilla adapted from his client’s digital NFT.


The big, purple beast – designed by a Brooklyn artist – was fragile. Shipping to trade shows across the nation required custom packaging and skill moving sensitive goods in and out of convention centers.
As the physical manifestation of a new world of digital commerce and investment, the gorilla may be the most striking ape exhibited in New York City since King Kong.


Our team huddled with the client to take full measure of the gorilla, its dimensions and durability, and the diverse venues anticipated for showings – including meeting halls, art studios and mansions.
Among the considerations for storing and shipping the 6-foot by 4-foot beast: temperature-controlled warehousing, damage-proof crating, specially designed ramps, and other measures to assure ease of shipping.
The client turned to us for the exceptional, white-glove treatment necessary to assure safe entry into the new world of NFT trade shows. He knew from experience that ICAT Logistics Detroit had the know-how and expertise to take the anxiety out of trade show set-up and dismantling.
A dedicated truck was designated to tote the gorilla and a customized crate was designed. Doors to strategically crafted packaging were installed to secure the ape to a pallet jack for unloading and loading.

Big Picture:

When our client needed a civilized solution for shipping a physical representation of a jungle beast, he turned to ICAT Logistics Detroit.
Our commitment to customer communications, thoughtful planning, creativity, efficiency, and best practices provided a solution to get the big ape on – and off the road – safe and sound.
“As the world evolves, so does the use of logistics,” said Neil Clavano, our terminal manager. “Our goal is to accomplish the task while making the process stress-free for our client.”

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