Getting Hitched Without a Hitch


  • Narrow window to set up four different venues for a high profile destination wedding…
  • Moved DJ equipment for Paris Hilton…
  • Boots on the ground. Sent one of our key people to work with hotel staff and locals…
  • Delighted with the results and a glorious night to remember


It took a New York-based wedding planner to figure out that if we could handle the movement and reassembly of manufacturing equipment from Argentina to Mexico, maybe we could manage the logistics for a high profile destination wedding in St. Bart’s.

Instead of crating up a stamping press or door panels, we were asked to move a chuppah, silver globes, pillow covers, DJ equipment for Paris Hilton, chairs, welcome bags, pillow covers, carpet, printers, towels, and bug spray.

There were just a few unbendable requirements. It all had to move from New York to the Caribbean in a week. There was a narrow window to set up in four different venues — with almost no place to store things. And everything had to be perfect.


It was just the sort of challenge we love to handle. Here’s what we did:

Developed a creative approach to logistics. Flying a large cargo plane to tiny St. Bart’s was not an option. So we picked up materials at multiple locations in New York City, repacked them and chartered a 747 to fly to nearby St. Maarten. From there, we consolidated the shipment and moved it via ocean container on a barge to St. Bart’s.

Boots on the ground. To ensure everything would go as planned, we sent one of our key people to the islands to work with hotel staff and locals, making sure that our materials were clearing customs and moving ahead right on time.

Expected the unexpected. Asked to procure a forklift to move materials around a mountain and down to the beach, we had to advise our client that wouldn’t be such a great idea: A forklift wouldn’t work in the sand. We improvised using a Man Tow truck with beach tires.

Made it work. Working at a resort, we couldn’t operate loud machinery while guests were enjoying their peaceful evenings and quiet mornings. So, recognizing this wedding was for our customers and not us, we figured out a way to bring in the personnel needed to get all the movement in during the time allotted.

Big Picture:

When it was all finished, and the happy couple had its glorious night to remember and the wedding planner was delighted with the results, we recovered all the reusable materials, repackaged them, and sent them on their way back to New York. This time, in the interest of saving money rather than time, we took the slow boat.

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