A “Route Canal” For Shipping – But Not at ICAT Detroit


  • Container ship blocking the Suez Canal caused global disruptions and delays…
  • Customized solutions to unique challenges…
  • “Dedicated team of experts ready and willing to assist at any time…”


Nobody knows that more than the companies that endured costly shipping disruptions and delays when a stranded container ship blocked the Suez Canal and throttled the world’s supply chain.

Behind the bottleneck were scores of ships full of cargo serving the world’s biggest companies. Frustrated and frazzled, those multinational giants pressured the largest firms in the logistics industry to cut through the logjam.

While the logistics “Big Boys” labored to get things moving for huge companies, the wait went on – and on — for smaller companies with waylaid cargo.


ICAT provided exactly what those smaller companies needed: A rapid-response team of problem-solvers with the know-how to deliver customized solutions to unique challenges and move their shipment to the front of the line.

Time and again, ICAT was able to reroute or liberate customers’ cargo and guide its passage through crowded international ports and congested railyards.

The Suez Canal blockage is expected to have a long tail in the coming days, disrupting global supply chains already under pressure from the coronavirus pandemic. ICAT is on the case, nimbly deploying creative tactics to keep things moving.

“That’s our niche,” said Neil Clavano, terminal manager.

“We don’t have a bureaucracy like you’ll find at bigger shipping and logistics companies. We are big enough and agile enough, to handle global complexities and give customers the time and personalized attention they deserve.

“Plus, we have the subject matter expertise and a dedicated team of experts ready, willing, and able to assist at any time.”

Big Picture:

ICAT Logistics Detroit is rightsized to assure transparent, timely service. That’s an advantage for ICAT and its customers.

Clavano describes ICAT as “a big, small company” that addresses customer concerns“ on a personal level.

“You can call us and ask for somebody by name and that’s who you get – not just somebody at a computer screen in a call center who will get back to you tomorrow.”

Communicating and educating customers is an essential part of ICAT’s culture of customer service. Call it an information supply line. Day and night, the ICAT team arms clients with vital information so they can, in turn, reassure their customers.

“We are not only a solutions provider,” said Clavano. “We are here to provide peace of mind.”

Been There, Done That

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