No Slip on Water Park’s Slide Across the Pacific


  • Move an entire water park consisting of 300,000 lbs of fiberglass and steel trusses during two hurricanes across the globe…
  • Communication was crucial…
  • Shipment arrived on time and ready for resort guests to enjoy their vacation…


How, exactly, does one move an entire water park from the Southern United States to a resort in Saipan, an island in the South Pacific?

Big Picture:

The first thing one company did was call ICAT, which took the entire disassembled water park halfway around the world. That meant moving 300,000 pounds of fiberglass sides and steel trusses during two major hurricanes.

Communication was critical throughout the process. The customer needed to know with certainty when the parts would arrive so that they could have construction crews ready. It was essential to re-build the water park before the peak in the travel season, or the entire project would not be nearly as cost-effective.

With ICAT at the wheel, the shipment was a success, the water park had a new home, and resort guests had one more way to enjoy their vacation.

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