ICAT Logistics Lightens a Heavy Load


  • 250,000-pound shipment with one portion alone weighing 70 tons…
  • “Proper truck, permit, and paperwork within 24 hours..”
  • “Working together seamlessly with global partners…”


A global leader in locomotive testing solutions faced a tremendous challenge recently when weight restrictions prevented their customer’s forwarder from moving their load at the last minute.

How heavy was it? This shipment was 250,000 pounds in total, with one portion alone weighing 70 tons. Shipments of this size often mean more permits, more logistics considerations– and more headaches.

To make up for the time the previous forwarder had lost, the manufacturer needed:

  • A rapid response time
  • The right equipment
  • Full-service solutions


One of ICAT’s logistics superstars wasted no time in arranging the proper transportation. Because there are a lot of considerations that come with shipments of this size, securing permits for super loads is a longer process than it is for smaller shipments.

It was a huge win for all parties involved when ICAT secured the proper truck, the proper permits, and the proper paperwork within 24-hours.

In 72-hours, the truck was headed to the port for discharge.

This shipment required the use of a super load truck that disperses the weight over multiple axles to make it to the port and out for shipment.

Big Picture:

The job also required us to work seamlessly with our professionals and global partners to coordinate the following:

  • Rigging
  • Offloading
  • Crating
  • Organizing
  • Warehousing

At ICAT Logistics Detroit, we don’t shy away from tremendous challenges. We love to take them on!

No matter how heavy the load, ICAT helps lift the burden as a one-stop solution for all your oversize logistics needs.

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