Houston, We Have a Problem – Until ICAT is Called


  • Promotional decals delayed in China for the high profile, Houston Rockets basketball team…
  • 24/7 customer service and tracking
  • With a big play from ICAT, the decals arrived well before the event, a big win…


A supplier to the Houston Rockets basketball team was in danger of dribbling an important shipment out-of-bounds — and losing on a big stage. Its plan to ship promotional decals to the Rockets’ arena for a weekend event in April of 2014 was derailed by a delay at the manufacturer in China. When the decals finally arrived in Los Angeles, it was far too late to send them via the planned two-business-day ground shipment.

Big Picture:

That’s where ICAT rallied the team to victory. With ICAT’s 24/7 customer service and tracking, ICAT was able to stop the cargo upon arrival in LA and redirect the shipment to a commercial flight. The cargo arrived in Houston at 2 a.m., received by ICAT’s waiting driver, and whisked directly to the Houston Rockets arena.

Having decals in hand well before the event, the supplier squeezed out an important win — with a big play from ICAT.

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