ICAT Detroit Rings in a Happier Year


  • Urgent shipment from China to Mexico ten days before Chinese New Year…
  • Just the type of challenge ICAT loves to handle…
  • It could have cost them their customer’s production…


At ICAT Logistics Detroit, we’re all about solutions— regardless of the challenge.

Just ask a leading Tier 1 automotive supplier who had an urgent need to ship an entire tooling line from China to Mexico. The biggest obstacle: This challenge arose ten days ahead of Chinese New Year.

The short notice, tight deadline, and reduced air capacity resulting from the pandemic, and the worldwide rush to move cargo out of China prior to Chinese New Year had other logistics providers said, “Not a chance.”

Once ICAT Logistics Detroit entered the equation, the conversation became focused on overcoming the challenges rather than finding excuses why it wouldn’t work. For us, it was just the sort of challenge we love to handle.


ICAT Logistics Detroit took action immediately.

Logistics problem solver Scott Gunaca immediately kicked into high gear upon receiving the request. He worked with his team to ensure that all the tools were booked to depart prior to the commencement of Chinese New Year.

Our operations team did their part by projecting any potential roadblocks, assisting with the preparation of customs documents, preparing creative routes, and providing constant status updates and 24/7 support throughout the process.

Wheels Up.

The economic and logistical downtime of Chinese New Year is usually 35-to-40 days and is marked by limited staffing, increased travel, and high consumer demands. All these factors contribute to limited air freight resources.

ICAT Logistics Detroit had to stay flexible. Our team knew the only chance of pulling this off would be to use multiple airlines and a secondary point of connection. This plan took us to LAX, and then to Mexico City via multiple connecting flights.

Wheels Down.

ICAT Logistics Detroit stayed in constant contact with our partners in Mexico to make sure the freight stayed on track through customs, recovery, and delivery from the airport to the multiple plants in Mexico.

ICAT overcame all the obstacles and met the customer’s urgent deadline.

Big Picture:

ICAT delivered results with speed and accuracy while keeping everyone fully informed with 24/7 updates and transparency.

The price of using a logistics provider without agility and precision could have cost customers a lot more than just extra time on the route or added charges; it could have cost them their customer’s production.

Solutions to our customers’ most challenging issues are derived from decades of success in global logistics. That’s why we’re your custom shipping resource.

Been There, Done That

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