Moving Heavy Machinery is No Big Deal for the Right Shipper

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Much of the machinery shipped from one continent to another is heavy and complex. Too many industrial firms have found out the hard way that global transportation of high-value industrial equipment shouldn’t be handled by just anybody. Things can get damaged, delayed, or even destroyed.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Here is advice on how to manage oversized machinery shipments around the world.

Plan accordingly.

At ICAT we know that if the machinery doesn’t fill whatever container you use, the load might shift and become damaged while in transit. It’s important to rely on an experienced provider to advise on the right container and the best way to pack and secure your oversized shipment.

You might also need to protect machinery against the elements. Construction equipment can stand up to saltwater and spray. However, a machine with a control panel or other exposed electronics needs extra safeguards.

Safety Certification: When you bring machinery into any country, make sure it meets local standards and carries a mark to prove it to avoid possible trouble.

Insurance: Insurance is essential for shipping high-value machinery. Rates vary with the type of machinery, but the more your load is worth, the smarter it becomes to purchase insurance if your company policies do not cover issues related to shipping.

Not equipped yourself? Call in the experts.

Shipping machinery overseas can be especially hard for smaller shippers. If you’re not part of a global network like ICAT, and you don’t ship this kind of equipment all the time, then you likely need additional expertise to:

When in doubt: Call Us.

From the smallest detail to the largest, heaviest materials, ICAT Logistics Detroit brings decades of experience to the task. Our team of professionals — and our global network of partners — work seamlessly to plan, coordinate, crate, ship, track, deliver and offload oversized cargo where you need it when you need it by land, sea and air.

We know the challenges presented by size, weight, and unusual shapes and manage through weight restrictions for roads and bridges and special equipment to secure and handle your over-dimensional and overweight cargo.

No freight forwarding challenge is too complex – or too big – for us to deliver a solution that works for you. We sweat the small details on moving big machinery so you don’t have to.



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