Three Tips to Simplify Cross-Border Mexico Logistics

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Customs Clearance Made Simple.

There are many things to know about conducting business with Mexico, one of the United States’ largest trade partners. For cross-border shippers, the export-import landscape has become exceedingly complex. Here are 3 tips to better manage your costs and processes:

1. Provide Essential Information Beforehand 

Incomplete or incorrect paperwork is a common reason for delays at the border, and it’s very avoidable. When you provide all the information about your freight in advance to your logistics partner, they’re able to coordinate and prepare the required documents to make sure your freight makes it across the border. It’s essential that you provide the required information to your logistics partner. This information includes…

  • Accurate shipping addresses
  • Piece counts
  • Pallet counts
  • Details about the items being shipped
  • Timelines
  • Mexican broker contact information

2. Increase Lead Time

A cargo load going from state-to-state in the United States won’t have the same transit time when shipping into Mexico.  Routine customs clearance procedures at the border slow everything down. The more lead time your logistics partner has to book a shipment, the more leverage they have to secure the best carrier for your lane, identify efficiency opportunities, negotiate better rates and accommodate your delivery timelines. If you have a critical northbound shipment, your logistics partners will need time to find the right carrier to handle it.

3. Hire a Good Customs Broker

The carrier and 3PL will get your shipment to the border, and the customs broker will help you get your freight to finish line. Your customs broker should be thought of as a CPA for your freight. They prepare every shipment’s paperwork, so it complies with the export and import laws of U.S. and Mexico. If one form is out of place or you’re missing a signature, your freight will likely be delayed. Frequent communication with your customs broker is a must-have for smooth border crossing. Find a good customs broker to guide for freight across the border and stick with them if they consistently provide excellent service.

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