Shipping freight overseas can be complicated and confusing, but at ICAT Logistics Detroit our job is to remove many of the burdens of shipment preparation and export documentation for our international customers.

When we are involved early — knowing what you are shipping, where it’s going and your detailed delivery expectations — we will start by helping you prepare your price quotation. The ICAT international team can advise on freight costs, port charges, consular fees, as well as the cost of special documentation, insurance and handling fees, so there are no last-minute surprises.

“We recommend that you let us handle all the documentation that exporting requires,” said Chris Cser, Director of International at ICAT Logistics Detroit. “The range of documentation required by authorities at every leg of your shipment and delivery can be vast and confusing. Make a mistake and your shipment may be stuck in a warehouse for days or you may incur expenses you never anticipated.

“We’ll review commercial invoices, packing lists and letters of credit. We’ll prepare bills of lading and all special documentation. We’ll reserve cargo space aboard ship and we’ll make the proper arrangements with customs brokers so your shipment complies with all regulations.”

Of course, every shipper also has responsibilities for getting the freight ready to move.

Proper packing is essential. Especially when your shipment is not going to be containerized, you should consider the following guidelines.

  • Moisture can damage your cargo. Consider the problems condensation — or even unloading in the rain — may have on your shipment and pack accordingly.
  • Protect your cargo from theft by using strong containers that are adequately sealed and filled. Strapping, shrink wrapping and seals are effective deterrents.
  • Distribute the weight of your freight evenly and in a manner that will allow it to be easily moved. On pallets, for example.
  • Ensure all labels are legible.

Remember that you’re not on your own. The ICAT Logistics Detroit international team, with more than two decades of experience, has worked with customers all over the world.

“We take pride in making sure that every customer is completely satisfied and that their shipment arrives safely and on time,” said Cser. “We’re here to help,”

We’re your custom shipping resource. Solutions to our customers’ most challenging issues are derived from decades of success in global logistics.