There’s a serious and growing shortage of long-haul truckers in the U.S. that is driving small freight-hauling companies right off road.

By some estimates the U.S. is light about 40,000 truck drivers, a number that could double as the economy improves. As a result, there are available trucks, loaded with cargo, sitting idle for lack of a qualified driver. If you’ve seen the statistics, you and your supply chain professions might be worried.

We want you to know that the changes are not affecting our customers.

At ICAT Logistics Detroit, our transport partners are large, dependable and thoroughly vetted. And although most of our domestic shipments are by truck, we’re increasing our mix of trucks and trains to get your shipments where you want them, safe, and on time.

Earlier this year ICAT Logistics clients voted our national operation to the SupplyChainBrain’s “100 Great Supply Chain Partners’ List.” The honor was based on our outstanding service, creative solutions and immediate response times.

In today’s competitive business environment, we know you have plenty to worry about. Our job at ICAT Logistics Detroit is to make certain that transporting your goods from one place to another is not among the things that will keep you up at night.

Yes, there is a shortage of truck drivers. But rest easy. ICAT Logistics Detroit is on the job.

We’re your custom shipping resource. Solutions to our customers’ most challenging issues are derived from decades of success in global logistics.