In a recent study conducted by APICS and Michigan State University, supply chain leaders were asked to comment on the challenges that worry them most.  The result of this survey is an interesting report, “What’s Keeping Supply Chain Managers Awake at Night?”

If you are a supply chain manager, and you read the report, it probably explained some of your tossing and turning. But at ICAT Logistics Detroit, where supply chain managers are valued clients, we read the report with one question in mind: How can we help them rest easy?

Here are the six issues most commonly cited by supply chain executives and our take on reducing the stress:

  1.  Capacity and Resource Availability:  How to maximize capacity and keep equipment and software current while dealing with soaring prices of resources.

ICAT Logistics Detroit is helping clients with just-in-time resource and parts deliveries to reduce their clutter and better use warehousing space.  Additional space and real time deliveries often improve a company’s ability to expand capacity, which can increase revenue.

  1. Talent:  Competition’s tough for supply chain jobs and retaining talented people is more difficult.

If you are relying on your people to work through every detail involved in logistics and freight shipment, remove some of the pressure from your staffers and let ICAT Logistics handle what we do best — your logistics and freight shipment needs from start to finish.

  1. Complexity:  As the sheer number of products grows and the products become more complex, how do you increase standardization, speed and maintain great customer service?

Granted, ICAT cannot help you with your production challenges, but through planning and networking with our supply partners around the world we can increase the speed of your deliveries and help ensure that you maintain great customer service by getting your products where they need to go, safely and on time.

  1. Threats and Challenges:  Building continuity planning in the face of natural disasters, severe weather, strikes and international unrest.

At ICAT Logistics Detroit, we maintain a vast network of partners across the globe.  In the worst conditions, no matter what their cause, we find alternative supply routes and partners to move your freight without jeopardizing delivery schedules.  

  1. Compliance: The complexity and ever-changing world of regulation, trade controls, dumping and customs adding more pressure on supply chain professionals.

The ICAT international team has worked more than two decades building relationships and establishing expertise in all matters of documentation and compliance.  Rely on us for even the most complicated compliance issues.

  1. Cost and Purchasing Issues:  The increasing price pressures faced by all industries competing for business around the world.

By trusting the ICAT team, your shipments move efficiently, warehousing is minimized, product documentation is handled from start to finish and your clients know that you are serving them well.  Cost is less of an issue because you’ve tightened your freight budgets and offer consistently timely shipments at fair prices.

Managing a global supply chain operation will never be easy. There will always be sleepless nights, but there will be many fewer with ICAT Logistics Detroit at your side.

We’re your custom shipping resource. Solutions to our customers’ most challenging issues are derived from decades of success in global logistics.

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