ICAT Logistics Detroit customers and suppliers are under increased pressure to maximize the efficiency of their supply organizations and reduce expenses.

As a result, many are taking a closer look at costs and supplier relationships, which have become more complex and more important to manage in today’s competitive business environment.

As the new year begins, it’s a good time to take a moment to ask yourself some simple questions about your operations. Your answers may provide new ways to lower costs, eliminate risks, cement relationships and sharpen your focus in 2016 and beyond.

Are We Properly Educating Employees and Staff?

Data-driven business models are rapidly changing the industry. New procurement and supply technologies and inventory-tracking systems may require that you look closely at the capabilities of your workforce to ensure that they are properly trained to take full advantage of the tools that are available to advance your business.

Are our Operations Adequately Monitored?

More than ever, suppliers are offering customers the opportunity to monitor the quality, transportation, production and delivery of goods on low-cost mobile devices and tablets. By taking advantage of these connected supply chains, you increase your ability to intervene before big problems arise.

Do We Need Additional Sourcing?

Even the most trusted and steady supplier can run up against delivery difficulties caused by weather, politics, strikes or economics. You risk interrupting manufacturing, production or delivery when you don’t multi-source. It makes more sense than warehousing extra inventory “just in case” and there are likely competitive and pricing advantages, as well.

Are We Choosing Suppliers That Reflect Our Values?

Choose suppliers whose values and business objectives support yours. Are they committed to safety and driven by the needs of their customers? Do they have systems in place that have put a premium on reducing costs and saving time? Can they adapt as your business strategies change based on the needs of the marketplace? Your suppliers help define how you perform for your end user. Choose them carefully.

Is Our Stakeholder Communication Effective and Personal?

The global supply and logistics industry is relying more and more on technology to integrate all aspects of supply chain operations. Information technology continues to enhance our ability to communicate with suppliers, customers, transportation providers and others in the chain. But there’s nothing as effective as an old-fashioned conversation to cement a relationship or clarify an issue that is affecting the flow of business. Talk to your stakeholders. Video conference if they are far away. Stay in touch by telephone. And at least once a year, participate in an industry event that attracts the people you need to reach.

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