The effects of an erratic global economy and a slowdown in important markets like China have sent a ripple of uncertainty through the logistics, freight forwarding and supply industries that will likely last through this year and beyond.

News reports spotlight the many challenges being faced across the global supply chain: a shortage of long-haul truck drivers, striking workers and disruption at U.S. shipping ports, a delay in the construction of intermodal rail facilities, and a severe economic slowdown in countries that recently delivered incredible growth.

These challenges put the onus on companies like ours to take all the extra steps to ensure that we’re always ready to deliver the goods. Fortunately, we have lived through volatile economic cycles before and have learned how to prepare for both the ups and the downs.

That’s why our company has put a premium on building a network of suppliers we trust, embracing change and making short- and long-term strategic plans while remaining open and flexible. In doing so, we can consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

We’re aware that every one of our customers is negotiating the same economic tide we are. In our view, the best support we can offer is to always deliver reliable, timely, safe service at a fair price – and make your life a bit easier during a challenging time.

At ICAT Logistics Detroit, we’re paying more attention than ever on the details. We know you are, too.

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