Domestic Freight Shipping

With two decades of experience shipping hazardous materials for our clients, the ICAT Logistics Detroit team has learned that good communication and attention to detail are qualities that will help ensure the safe delivery of your ‘temperamental cargo.’

Shipping hazmat can be a complicated procedure steeped in paperwork and stringent regulation. We offer the following guidelines to help you simplify the process and see that your freight is delivered safely to its final destination.

Know Your Cargo: OSHA requires that manufacturers maintain accurate Material Safety Data Sheets on the physical properties and risks of handling every product they produce. If you intend to ship a product, make sure you are familiar with its classification and character and are trained in recognizing hazmat.

Understand the Regulations: Consult with your ICAT Logistics Detroit partners before every hazmat shipment. Rules vary by location and by the type of transportation used to move hazmat. Mistakes can be costly, resulting in stiff fines or non-delivery.

Mark Your Cargo: Clearly mark the contents of your shipment. Remove labels that are not correct and mark your freight leaving no doubt about the contents of your hazardous shipment.

Pay Attention to the Basics: Are the shipping containers in good condition? Is the bill of lading filled out correctly? Will temperatures affect the condition of the hazmat you are shipping? Before handing over your shipment, follow a checklist to ensure that you haven’t missed any of the basics that are your responsibility.

No Shortcuts: Document your shipment in detail. In case of a fire, spill, or other emergency, there will be no time for guesswork when the first responders arrive.

Train Your Team: If you haven’t already, invest in hazmat training and certification for members of your team. If you transport hazardous material, each person in the supply chain who handles hazmat should be trained and certified for the position and duties they perform.

Communicate and Stay Connected: We want to help. The ICAT Logistics Detroit team has developed the knowledge, network and skill to ensure that your freight arrives safely and in accordance with federal, state and local regulation. Talk to us about your shipment. We’ll make it easier, more convenient and safer to move your hazardous cargo, no matter what it is or where it is going.

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