Domestic Freight Shipping

Whether you are shipping internationally or domestically, by truck, train or ship, how your goods are packed can make all the difference between freight that is damaged or good-as-new.

Consider the packing challenges before choosing the ideal method of securing cargo for its journey.  Damage from moisture (including condensation from temperature changes), breakage and theft are all considerations.  Adding unnecessary excess weight can drive up costs and insufficient or improper labeling can mean the difference between a timely delivery and lost freight.

Your cargo, if it is not containerized, may be loaded on ships by sling, chute or conveyor.  It may be stacked, shoved, dragged, vibrated or even dropped during loading or unloading, during customs inspection or while being moved from one mode of transportation to another.  At some ports it may sit uncovered in the rain or under extreme temperatures.

If you are not present during packing, it can help if you specify exactly what you expect of the shipper.   Better yet, if you are working with ICAT Logistics Detroit, we can have an agent on site to supervise packing.

What should you expect?

  • A strong, well-sealed container.
  • All packages and packing material should be moisture-resistant.
  • Fill each container when possible.
  • Palletize and containerize when possible.
  • Evenly distribute the weight of the cargo.
  • Brace and solidify the package to avoid movement.
  • Use adequate strapping, seals and shrink wrapping.
  • Pack with contents in mind:
    • Refrigeration cars are available
    • Hazardous material requirements should be followed.
    • Labels should be carefully written to be thorough but not invite thieves.

Communicate clearly to the shipper and freight forwarder by outlining your expectations before shipment.  Well-reinforced, sturdy and secure packing can be accomplished with new lightweight packing materials that will not overly inflate the volume or weight of your freight, thereby driving up the cost.

Ask the ICAT team for guidance to ensure the packing meets requirements and adequately protects your freight.

For addition information about packing, refer to the Guide to Packing Freight Shipments, offered by the Institute of Packaging Professionals.

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