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When it comes to shipping your valuable cargo safely, efficiently and on time, it pays to have a logistics partner you can trust, says Chris Cser. ‘Cheap’ should not be Priority #1. You should always start with a solid plan.

“We’ve been on the clean-up end of freight arrangements that should have sounded too good to be true,” says Chris, ICAT Logistics Detroit Logistics Manager and Director of International. “In one case, we worked with a Tier One supplier that had carefully developed and manufactured parts in Asia, and as an afterthought went to the Internet and randomly chose a freight company that advertised the lowest price.”

The freight, destined for delivery to the U.S. Midwest, was dropped off instead in Los Angeles with no further arrangements made for final delivery.

Now, the shipper owed warehousing fees, land freight charges and was in danger of missing an important delivery deadline. All the great work that was done to get the parts ready was about to be lost. Then ICAT Logistics stepped in, and working with trusted partners in Los Angeles, arranged for final on-time delivery. ICAT also earned a new and loyal customer.

“We have suppliers, too,” said Cser. “We choose them carefully because we know that our reputation and our ability to meet our clients’ expectations are often dependent on their ability to carry out their supply chain role.”

When our manufacturing clients are ready to ship, there is already a solid plan in place. The ICAT Logistics Detroit team has worked with them in advance to understand their expectations. We anticipate challenges, make the proper arrangements with customs and other authorities, arrange for safe shipment and on-time delivery and we know that the people we engage to work with us are reliable, experienced and fair.

As your logistics partner we establish an open line of communication that begins before you are ready to ship and remains open until your freight is delivered.

“We have learned that the more we know about you and your products, the better we can serve you,” said Chris.

“This is a business that is at its best when there are no surprises.”

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