Custom Projects

Custom Projects Complex shipping challenges that seem almost impossible to solve are our specialty. With our deep well of experience, vast international network, and history of consistently delivering the goods - anytime, anyplace, anywhere - ICAT Logistics DTW is the company to call to find the right creative solution to your special project. We'll walk you through complicated deliveries and stay with you every step of the way. We'll also bring in specialists from other fields to help as needed. In addition to freight forwarding, we offer an array of related services as needed: Fully integrated warehouse and inventory management system (WIMS) Deconsolidation & distribution Long-term, short-term and near-source warehousing Distribution services Order fulfillment and returns

Exports: Guidance and Shipping

Exports: Guidance and Shipping Call on us to handle every detail of shipping to Mexico, Canada, Asia, Europe or South America. We'll manage all aspects of packaging and delivery and help you work through the intricate details of cross-border shipping. We'll help you understand the requirements of NAFTA and the costs involved in various tariff schedules and guide you through proper documentation. Your service options include: Export advice & counsel Documentation Secure delivery Special packaging Tariff schedules Trade regulation compliance Insurance & carnets Customs clearance & brokerage Harmonized trade classification guidance Out-of-gauge cargo

Auto Suppliers

Auto Suppliers We keep the auto industry rolling with just-in-time logistics.   ICAT Logistics DTW works with Tier 1 auto suppliers to effectively manage the total cost of their projects by delivering their freight on time and on budget, avoiding delays at the border, eliminating unexpected warehousing costs, and assuring their goods are in excellent condition.   We have decades of experience shipping high-value prototype vehicles, equipment and parts that require special handling. Prototypes that are expensive to create often need customized packaging to ensure that they are properly protected during shipping. That's why auto manufacturers and suppliers in Detroit and along the I-75 corridor call on us to make sure that their valuable prototypes are safely and securely delivered.   As the industry shifts into developing the next generation of personal transportation – autonomous vehicles, electric cars, and a range of new SUVs – ICAT’s outstanding care and service ensures that automotive…

Special Events

Special Events Custom Shipping for your meeting, trade show or special event.   From shipping exhibits, booths and special furniture to setting up and dismantling the room, ICAT Logistics DTW will help ensure your special event is a success.   We'll work closely with you and your event partners to cover every detail of your trade show, conference or expo and take the worry out of your planning. Since such materials often move from one event to another, we'll also figure out the best way to return your goods and store your exhibits between events.   We handle delivering furniture, room set up and take down, exhibits, boutique displays, press materials, and garments on hanger (GOH).     Your service options include: Shipping booths & exhibits Delivering furniture Room set-up Take-down Return shipping Special packaging

Heavy Industrial

Heavy Industrial Moving bulldozers, cranes, assembly line components and other heavy machinery is a challenge we’ve managed many times. Many of our clients are involved in industries that require the movement of oversized equipment across the country or around the world. Typically, that means the kind of special care and handling in which we specialize.   At ICAT Logistics DTW, we handle all aspects of moving heavy industrial machinery and equipment, including exporting, importing and documentation. Call us for a consultation.

China Trading

China Trading ICAT helps you through every step of China importing and exporting.   At a time when trade relations between the U.S. and China are in flux, ICAT Logistics DTW stays on top changes that may affect our clients. Our long-established partnerships in China help us understand the optimal modes of shipping, the best routes to deliver the goods, and the most effective ways to resolve any issues that may arise.   Trading with China and ensuring secure delivery requires significant experience, expertise, coordination and resources. We'll make sure that you get every detail right, including documentation, special packaging, tariff schedules, customs clearance, trade regulation compliance, insurance and carnets, incoterms, harmonized trade classification guidance, out-of-gauge cargo, and the requirements of both the shipper and the consignee.   We also offer export advice and counsel. See Exports: Guidance & Shipping

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