ICAT Logistics DTW Offers A Wide Array of Domestic and International Freight Shipping Options


Our mission is to find the best way to ship your goods -- wherever you may need them delivered. We work hard at optimizing the best modes of transport and the best rates while maintaining high standards of safety, security and proper handling.

Domestic Freight Shipping

Domestic Freight Shipping Business Shipping with Pick-Up and Delivery everywhere in the United States. Our special handling capabilities for domestic freight shipping and delivery include oversized cargoes, hazardous cargoes, special packaging, and just-in-time deliveries. We cover every part of the United States, including rural areas that other companies don't serve. Your domestic freight shipping service options include: Same day shipping Express/next-day shipping Standard service Economy service   See how ICAT Logistics DTW has helped our customers with their Domestic Freight needs. Domestic Freight Shipping Blogs

International Freight Shipping

International Freight Shipping We provide a full array of international freight shipping services and support for businesses.   Shipping to or from Mexico, Canada, Asia, Europe or South America? We know the ins and outs of cross-border freight shipping, including requirements for trade agreements, working through a Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), and preparing documentation that won't cost you money in customs penalties.   We manage freight customs clearance, duty management, global oversize cargo shipping, incoterms, packaging and documentation and refrigerated cargo. We work with less-than-container load (LCL), full container load (FCL), door-to-door, port-to-port, sea freight and air freight.   Your international freight shipping services include: Export advice & counsel Documentation Secure delivery Special packaging Tariff schedules Trade regulation compliance Insurance & carnets Customs clearance & brokerage Harmonized trade classification guidance Out-of-gauge cargo Project cargo   See how ICAT Logistics…

Air Freight Shipping

Air Freight Shipping Our selection of freight shipping services offers you plenty of air cover. Our air charter shipping service may be your best option for emergency response and for certain kinds of shipments, including high value commodities, humanitarian aid, dangerous and HAZMAT goods, high-security items, and equipment for oil and gas exploration and production. Your air freight shipping service options include: Full service air charter (domestic & worldwide) Airport-to-door Door-to-airport Airport-to-airport 3-day air service   See how ICAT Logistics DTW has helped our customers with their Air Freight needs. Air Freight Shipping Blogs Air Freight Shipping Case Studies

Sea Freight Shipping

Sea Freight Shipping We deliver ocean freight to ports that some larger companies can't reach. Through our extensive international network, we offer a full range of sea freight shipping services for hundreds of ports around the world -- an option not typically offered by large multi-national asset-based carriers. We'll find the most direct routes and optimal transit times; procure space protection for your shipping as needed; and provide an array of ocean freight management services. Shipping by sea is often the best option for moving products and materials from Asia to Latin America. By partnering with major consolidators in Latin America and offering weekly LCL (Less-Than-Container-Load) services out of Miami, we're able to reduce costs and time and keep better control of the goods for our customers. Your sea freight shipping service options include: Less-than-container load (LCL) Full container load (FCL) Non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) Door-to-door Port-to-port Door-to-port Port-to-door…

Ground Freight Shipping

Ground Freight Shipping We manage it all: Truck, rail and special delivery. Depending upon your requirements for timing, cost and special handling, we may recommend ground shipping for some or all of your delivery. Your service options include: Intermodal services Road/rail combinations Air ride Flatbed Rollerbed Less-than-truck load (LTL) Full truck load (FTL) Oversized Liftgate   See how ICAT Logistics DTW has helped our customers with their Ground Freight needs. Ground Freight Shipping Blogs


Expediting When it Matters Most, We are at Our Best Your crisis is our challenge. Not to worry. At ICAT Logistics DTW, we’ve got you covered. Our team is a “go-to” solution for clients in urgent need of expedited delivery service. Time and again, we have answered the calls and handled the immediate needs of clients facing deadlines put at risk by no-show carriers, paperwork snafus, changing production schedules and time-sensitive shipping opportunities. Our experience, connections, skills and attention to customer service will enable you to avoid downtime, reduce inventory costs and conquer tight timelines. From packing to tracking, we communicate with you to deploy cost-effective, agile, dependable tactics to meet your deadlines. Our 24/7, 365-day culture is ever-alert and available. We handle all shapes, sizes, weights and distances. Our special handling capabilities include oversized cargos, hazardous cargos, custom packaging and just-in-time deliveries. For more than a quarter-century as…

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