China Trading

China Trading

ICAT helps you through every step of China importing and exporting.


At a time when trade relations between the U.S. and China are in flux, ICAT Logistics DTW stays on top changes that may affect our clients. Our long-established partnerships in China help us understand the optimal modes of shipping, the best routes to deliver the goods, and the most effective ways to resolve any issues that may arise.


Trading with China and ensuring secure delivery requires significant experience, expertise, coordination and resources. We'll make sure that you get every detail right, including documentation, special packaging, tariff schedules, customs clearance, trade regulation compliance, insurance and carnets, incoterms, harmonized trade classification guidance, out-of-gauge cargo, and the requirements of both the shipper and the consignee.


We also offer export advice and counsel. See Exports: Guidance & Shipping


See how ICAT Logistics DTW has helped our customers with their China Trading needs.


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