When it comes to shipping oversize and overweight cargo, we know how to think big and go big.

From the smallest detail to the largest, heaviest materials, ICAT Logistics DTW brings decades of experience to the task. Our team of professionals -- and our global network of partners -- work seamlessly to plan, coordinate, crate, ship, track, deliver and place oversized cargo where you need it, when you need it.

We are fully familiar with the challenges presented by size, weight and unusual shapes. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we are well prepared to handle any type of shipment, to any destination. 

You can count on us to anticipate needs and potential problems, from permitting and customs clearance to weight restrictions for roads and bridges and special equipment to secure and handle your over-dimensional cargo.

No freight forwarding challenge is too complex – or too big – for us to deliver a solution that works for you. Moving the big stuff – from military tanks, bulldozers and cranes to assembly line components and 196,000 pound dynamometers – is our specialty. Call us for a consultation.


See how ICAT Logistics DTW has helped our customers with their Oversize Freight needs.

Oversize Freight Case Studies


(Please note: We do not ship personal items)

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