Pacific Rim Markets Provide Opportunities for Industrial Shippers


Success, it is said, happens when opportunity meets preparation.

For manufacturing companies looking beyond China to other Pacific Rim nations for supply sourcing, ICAT Logistics DTW is well-prepared to assist in their success. We have spent more than a quarter-century moving shipments between eastern Asia and America’s industrial heartland.
Our growing list of missions accomplished in Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam and other Pacific Rim markets includes robots, components, machinery and tooling for automakers, aerospace companies and other manufacturers, the secure delivery of sensitive x-ray machines, and COVID-fighting personal protection equipment during the height of the pandemic.

As part of a worldwide network of partners serving more than 30,000 airports, we customize shipping strategies to meet any need:

  • Warehousing
  • Packaging and custom crating
  • Cross-border expertise
  • Customs support and documentation
  • Real-time tracking and supply chain visibility
  • Ocean freight management services
  • White-glove treatment for specialized cargo
  • Mastery of international trade rules and regulations

We’ve are strategically positioned to provide freight forwarding throughout the Pacific Rim – an area expected to contribute about half of the world’s trade growth by 2030.

At ICAT Logistics DTW, we have experience with diverse clients and well-earned knowledge of the Pacific Rim markets, including:

  • Taiwan, a tech heavyweight where the economy is expected to growth at its fastest pace in a decade on the strength of consumer and business products to serve the work-and-study-from-home trend.
  • South Korea, where the economy is expanding on the back of robust demands for its microchips and automobiles. Exports gained for 11 consecutive months, reported the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.
  • Singapore, home to the world’s busiest port outside of China in terms of total shipping tonnage. On the strength of electronics, chemicals, oil drilling and refining, and medical-health equipment, Singapore boasts a free-market economy.
  • Vietnam, which has emerged as a key exporter of electronics and electrical products — overtaking coffee, textiles and rice. The United States is Vietnam’s No. 1 trading partner.
  • Japan, where the second-quarter economy grew faster than expected. Still, supply-chain bottlenecks and chip shortages pose challenges to the auto sector.
  • Australia, which is slowly returning to normalcy despite continuing pandemic lockdowns. Among sectors key to the comeback: energy, mining, (with an emphasis on coal and iron), agriculture and tourism.
  • Indonesia, where surging commodity shipments drove exports in August to a record of more than $21 billion. Top commodities were palm oil, coal and natural gas, with sales of tin and steel on the rise.
  • Malaysia, which has benefitted from an uptick in palm oil shipments and from oil exports to power-starved China.
  • The Philippines, a leading exporter of electronic products, including hard drives, chips and processors.

Pacific Rim opportunities abound for those with the logistics savvy to seize the moment. At ICAT Logistics DTW, we have the resilience, reliability and creativity to be your go-to logistics provider.

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