Auto Suppliers/Automotive

Auto Suppliers/Automotive

We keep the auto industry rolling with just-in-time logistics.


ICAT Logistics DTW works with Tier 1 auto suppliers to effectively manage the total cost of their projects by delivering their freight on time and on budget, avoiding delays at the border, eliminating unexpected warehousing costs, and assuring their goods are in excellent condition.


We have decades of experience shipping high-value prototype vehicles, equipment and parts that require special handling. Prototypes that are expensive to create often need customized packaging to ensure that they are properly protected during shipping. That's why auto manufacturers and suppliers in Detroit and along the I-75 corridor call on us to make sure that their valuable prototypes are safely and securely delivered.


As the industry shifts into developing the next generation of personal transportation – autonomous vehicles, electric cars, and a range of new SUVs – ICAT’s outstanding care and service ensures that automotive suppliers focus their energies on their core business rather than shipping logistics.


We’ll make sure there’s a seamless integration of your components into your customers’ just-in-time production process as we move advanced technology, seating, injection moldings, sensors, trim, powertrain, body panels, side panels, sub-assemblies, acoustic modules, air systems, wire harnesses and consoles across international borders, or from one state to another, and manage the documentation that goes along with it.


Your auto parts delivery service options include:

  • Logistics counseling
  • Special packaging
  • Import/export documentation
  • Guidance through customs

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See how ICAT Logistics DTW has helped our customers with their Auto Supplier/Automotive needs.

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