Power & Energy

Power & Energy

The logistics needs of the global oil and gas industry pump us up.

As a worldwide logistics company, we welcome the unique supply chain challenges that go with oil and gas production. From transporting special equipment to remote locations to handling hazardous materials, ICAT Logistics DTW has the know-how and the partnerships to deliver the goods -- safely, swiftly and economically.

It’s an exacting process that requires experience, expertise, collaboration, communication, vigilance and creativity.

Which is precisely what ICAT Logistics DTW has demonstrated for countless customers for more than two decades. We specialize in custom shipping solutions for customers of any size, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Our team has the connections and skills to sustain your oil and gas supply chain pipeline with whatever you require: replacement parts, drilling rigs, fitting and heavy equipment. Our worldwide network of partnerships provides the right modes of delivery to your operations, whether traditional or exploratory, in-country or in an isolated region. 

ICAT Logistics DTW understands your dynamic, competitive business environment. We work closely with you and provide extraordinary transparency – and 24/7,365-day access -- every step along the way. We understand that complications can arise, and we have team of agile, experienced specialists to reengineer the process to meet your changing circumstances.


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