We manage all the complexities of your aerospace logistics needs.

There’s no industry in the world that’s more complex than aerospace when it comes to production. 

That’s why aerospace companies look to ICAT Logistics DTW to make sure essential components are delivered to the right place at the right time in perfect condition.

Our outstanding operations team works closely with you to customize a logistics plan for high-value products: aircraft wings, jet engines, turbofan and turboshaft engines, turbines, cabin assemblies, landing gear, exhaust systems, cockpit components, seating, safety equipment, galleys and other parts. 

Through experience gained over the past 25 years, ICAT Logistics DTW has developed fail-safe protocols and a network of partners to ship your multi-million-dollar cargo smartly, securely – on budget and on time. We know the ins and outs to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers and components companies for parts delivered around the world, within a country or just across town.

Our team is passionate about the security and safe transport of aircraft engines. We work with you and experienced professionals to assure that engines are given the most appropriate protection, including fitted tarping, side-curtaining, protective padding, shock-absorbing stands and -- if transferred by land – secured on an air ride trailer. Our partners have the warehouse capacity and specialty vehicles to protect your products and handle them with care.

From end-to-end, our specially trained teams provide 24/7 availability and communications essential to tracking your shipment and assuring transit times and cargo care.



(Please note: We do not ship personal items)

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