No Need for Big Headaches with Oversize Shipments

No Need for Big Headaches with Oversize Shipments

An oversize freight load doesn’t have to cause oversize problems – as long as you have the right shipping partner.

That was good news for a Michigan manufacturer whose experience shipping four-ton dynamometers to international ports had been so poorly handled by a previous shipping company, the freight was arriving in parcels and on different ships.   That caused confusion, missed deadlines and unhappy customers.

“There is a lot of detailed logistical planning that goes into shipments like these,” says Monica Saladin, Ocean Manager at ICAT Logistics DTW.  “You have to do your homework and you have to have a strong network of capable suppliers all over the world.  I think that is why we earned the business.

“Complex shipping challenges are one of our specialties.”

Dynamometers, which are used to measure the force, torque and power on engines — come in all sizes.  In this case, the largest part of each unit is too massive for even the largest standard container and needs to be shipped on a flat rack, accompanied by a container packed with the parts and equipment that complete the shipment of one giant unit.

These components begin their journey by truck to an East Coast port and even that is complicated.  “We plan every leg of this shipment,” says Saladin.  “Road carriers handling oversize loads require permits and in some states they cannot be moved on weekends or in daylight.

“Special cranes and lifts are used at the ports of origin and destination and the ships must accommodate both flat racks and containers, which is not all that common.  Each destination country has different regulations and requirements. 

“So, yes, this project was challenging, but I really loved making our customers happy.”

ICAT Logistics DTW has shipped four massive dynamometers to international destinations since March and there are more in the pipeline.

“Our client is really pleased that we’ve taken the kinks out of this important freight delivery,” Saladin says.

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