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Examples of how we turned tough shipping challenges into success for our clients.

Brazil to Detroit: Right on Time

Brazil to Detroit: Right on Time How do you get from Bahia, Brazil, to Detroit? If you’re moving nine crates of vehicle side panels that weigh three tons, as ICAT Logistics DTW did in August, the answer is: Very carefully. That’s because moving such heavy material 6,000 miles isn’t only about getting the right trucks and airplanes. It’s about planning. In Brazil, and wherever ICAT ships industrial materials around the world, the company maintains a close working relationship with the agents who follow their clients’ cargo through customs and who worry that every aspect of the process has been handled beforehand.  The team cuts no corners; its preplanning is as extensive in detail as the shipment itself. It’s about packing. The cargo, travelling first by truck from Bahia to Sao Paulo in early August, could arrive dented, bent or creased if not packed properly.  That’s why ICAT repacked the panels using VCI paper (volatile chemical inhibitor) to protect the pieces from humidity and corrosion, desiccant bags…

ICAT Charters 747 to Deliver the Goods – and a 40 Percent Savings

ICAT Charters 747 to Deliver the Goods – and a 40 Percent Savings One of the world’s biggest auto manufacturers was staring at a costly production delay last month – until they called us. Their problem -- which we immediately took on as our responsibility, too – was that their assemblies for a prototype were in Spain while their manufacturing facilities were an ocean apart in Michigan. With the Spanish citrus industry hitting peak production and using nearly all commercial planes to ship their oranges and lemons around the world, regular air freight was an expensive and time-consuming option involving connecting flights or a road-feeder service. Our solution: Get our own plane. Fly direct. And save time and money. We quickly procured a Boeing 747-200 cargo freighter and went into motion. We confirmed our load plan with the charter company and instructed our local agent in Spain to coordinate with the factory and airport ground personnel. We then loaded 32 custom-built racks into five semi tractor trailers in Valencia and trucked them 193 miles…

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